Don’t try to change yourself (just remove some of what makes you unhappy)

I should say I’ve known about Dojo4Life since it was just an idea inside someone’s head; a slightly mad head, I sometimes thought. I was there for the first session […]

Living the Re-Invented Organisation

by Nikyta Guleria and Graham Boyd

Executive Summary:

This is a story of how the ‘nice to have’ human aspects of the business are really the ‘need […]

Buzzwords to describe Dojo4Life

by Marko Wolf

Dojo4Life is supposed to be:

– a brand

– a movement

– a community

– a club

– an attitude towards life or a lifestyle at the […]

Adrian’s experience with Dojo4Life

Dojo4Life has been amazing for me and I wish you all to have similarly impactful experiences. Having had the pleasure of learning and experiencing first hand the patterns […]

Mein erster Dojo und die Tage danach – Eine Momentaufnahme

von Marko Wolf

Ende September 2014 durfte ich mein erstes Dojo4Life erleben. Ich bin in London, bei Graham Boyd, dem Initiator des vielversprechenden Projekts. Täglich befasse ich mich mit den […]

Are you big enough?

If you’re an investor funding a start-up; the CEO; or a member of the leadership team – long term business success depends on you, the CEO and the leadership team […]

How Successful am I?

Do you feel you are successful enough?

How do you know?

Most of us, at some time or another, feel that we are not successful enough. And so we push […]


This weekend we hit the 150 participant mark! And the Dojo on Sunday ended with a braai (BBQ for those who’ve not been to RSA.)

150 people have experienced the […]

Good leadership – personal transparency

The blog below (in German) from Steffen summarises well the changes needed for leadership in today’s world.

As another co-presenter and participant in the Leadership^3 event in Berlin a […]

Leadership: mechanic and healer

Wordcount: 761

Reading time: 2 minutes

Summary: Leadership today means multiple, contradictory but related paradigms. Including the leader as ego-driven “machine fixer” and ego-less […]