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Does your company, start-up or NGO intend to succeed; but you’re not doing as well as you could …

  • Projects are moving too slowly because of tensions between people. People are less happy, less motivated than the work needs them to be?

  • Your staff not quite doing what you need them to do?

  • Has is all become more complex? And your results, as well as everyones’ personal lives all suffering.

  • There is just too much wasted time and effort. Wasted in unproductive friction, unproductive dialogue, at times even childishness?


  • Short, practical sessions with all staff that change they way they talk to each other.

  • Peer to peer co-learning, across your entire organisation.

  • Cutting-edge backbone based on proven methods (more here,)

  • Experiential and can be customised inside your organisation to:

    • Get you and your company winning by transforming your beliefs and culture.

    • By developing productive, effective working relationships.


  • Simple targetted, structured conversation pattens to use at work. To get clarity on what needs doing, how to do it together, and who has what role:

    • Effective ways of being authentic and getting results from yourself and others.

    • Enable everyone to grasp easily options, possibilities for what are my options, what can I do.

  • Enable you to work more subtly with your own idiosyncrasies. So you are able to take a step back from your own psychology to see more objectively how you are doing.

  • Transforming teams’ and the business’s interactions.

  • Regular peer group meetings (Dojos) to master the patterns. Master by applying to current tasks, with a peer sparring partner nudging you to use the patterns cleanly.

  • Starter training followed by 15 minute modules to add during Dojos.

  • Optional certification of mastery (grading by belts) leading to master practitioner or trainer certification.

  • 1-1 coaching / individual Dojo sessions with certified practitioners.

  • Single framework spanning zero cost DIY to competitively priced executive coaching.

Keep in mind that the backbone is right for anyone with some awareness of their self-identity, from 12 years old to 112. So everything you master in your work is equally powerful in getting you the work-life balance you want at home too!