The Story

The story behind Dojo4Life is many stories. The stories of many different people.

In this “Under Construction” Beta-site I’ll write the story from my perspective …

Dojo4Life is two stories that are merging into one.

It’s the story of how the world we’re living in has lost the plot. A world facing unprecedented challenges. Challenges at all scales. From global ones, where politics lacks the capability to do what is needed. Down to personal ones, individuals who’s lives are more and more complex. Lives where you need already by 20 the wisdom historically acquired by a wise village elder over 70 years.

It’s also the story of a rapidly growing understanding of what it truly means to become a wise village elder. We now understand better than ever before exactly what is different in the way a village elder approaches age-old questions. Such as, who am I, and where am I going. Or, what are my options? What can I do? Who ought I do what for? How am I doing?

We understand better than ever before just how this wisdom develops. Through the two steps of experiencing something in your life and then turning those experiences into your own “story” of how to live life.

We all need to be able to do this really, really well. But where do you go to get better at doing it? Where are the fellow practitioners you can spar with?

Hard to find, because most of the proven tools are still only found in academic research journals.

Hence Dojo4Life.The stewards of Dojo4Life have all spent many years painfully practicing. Wading through many different sources. Time to make it all easy to get at, time to strip away all the fluff that doesn’t reliably work, time for people to learn it before they even leave school.

Dojo4Life is firmly rooted in evidence based research, ideally double-blind studies with a large enough base size.

A core part is the Constructive Developmental Framework of Otto Laske. Which itself brings together and summarises the work of many researchers over the past few centuries.

Other roots lie in Spiral Dynamics-Integral of Profs Don Beck and Ken Wilber, the many participatory practices we learn in the Art of Hosting conversations that matter, the research of people like Prof. Richard Wiseman into Luck, Success, the work on Positive Psychology of Prof Martin Seligman, and many more.

None is enough alone. All are useful, for some definition of useful, in some place and time.

It would take many lifetimes to master them all, if you have to start from the very beginning with each one.

Welcome to the Dojo. A place where you can practice just what you need to be able to do in your life what needs doing now.