Holding 1: the parts

Sophie feels hopeful most of the time. When she’s feeling down, though, she often chooses to use this powerful thinking pattern to bring the feeling of hope back. The better you get at Holding the Parts, the easier you’ll find it to stay hopeful, see the chances you want, and take them.

Holding the Parts is all about using the power of


You think about something you’ve seen. Perhaps Joe, a friend of yours, still doesn’t have a job. You’re thinking about this, with a protecting voice saying to you “Jobs are scarce, better not to feel hopeful about a good career.” Of course, then you go and talk to your friends about how scarce jobs are, they all know Joe, and they all say “Yeah, jobs are really scarce, I’m really worried about the future.”

Guess what; now you look around you and see lots of examples of how few jobs there are, and you spiral down. A self-fulfilling prophesy!

Sophie catches herself by saying “I see Joe is still looking for his first job. AND what else can I see? Oh, I can see clouds. AND I can see in my mind the blue sky behind the clouds. AND I’m remembering the blue sky in Africa I read about yesterday. AND I’ve enjoyed playing with my dogs yesterday. AND I wonder if there are jobs in Africa under the blue African sky? Then I’d be warm, have an uplifting blue summer sky during December, and be earning money. I’ll look in the internet to see what I can find.”

AND is the most powerful thought pattern. Whatever you see, use what Terry Pratchett calls First Sight.

Open your eyes, then open them again and look at everything that is really there.

Do this by asking again and again:    AND? What else can I see? Hear? Touch? Taste? Feel? What other parts are there?
Practice this for 10 minutes, at least 3 times, every day for a week.