How Successful am I?

Do you feel you are successful enough?

How do you know?

Most of us, at some time or another, feel that we are not successful enough. And so we push ourselves harder, do what we’ve always done with just that little bit more determination. How often does that really work? How often does it only sort-of work. For a short time. With even more collateral damage …

So we just try even harder. Half-realising that maybe this is one of those times where trying harder is a road to nowhere.

What we need is trying different.

And trying different means, go back to working out what my internal measure for success is. One of mine has often been, I’m successful if I have the right answer to any question.

What are your measures? What do you compare to, to decide if you are successful or not?

The patterns in the Dojo have helped me see beyond those, see other ways of defining success. For example, I’m being successful if I simply discover what else the team can create. And if I can see what each of us can contribute, in which role. To be better able to see what I ought not be doing. And what activities other people ought not do, even though they believe they must.

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