How the Dojo runs

The Dojo is highly interactive and practical. Bring along something that you’re currently experiencing. Maybe it’s something positive, maybe something negative, maybe something overwhelming. Whatever it is, will leave the Dojo with more and better ways of making sense of it. You’ll get this through structured conversation with others, others who are also bringing their own topics.

The patterns of Dojo4Life and the latest participatory dialogue processes are used.

Before the Dojo begins you have time to get to know each other over tea, coffee and a pastry to eat.

Then there’ll be 3 rounds of conversation. During each round one of the patterns will be explained, and then in small groups of 2 to 4 people you’ll coach each other in using the patterns on yourself.

So bring along something currently important to you, that you are willing to use with your sparring partners to practice the patterns. Good topics to work on could be:

  • I’m about to / want to start something new.
  • I’m about to / want to to stop something.
  • I’m excited about this opportunity.
  • I’m worried about this problem.
  • I’m thinking / feeling ….. but wonder if there’s another way of thinking / feeling about it
  • etc ….

And the Dojo (A place of the way) is a mindset first and foremost.

  • A mindset where all are practitioners, no-one is perfect.
  • A mindset of being in a safe container to practice what’s new to you.

A place to practice a way towards ever greater levels of mastery. Mastery of myself, ourselves, and how we show up in the world.