Over 400 people have participated in Dojos so far. Some individuals have attended more than 10 dojos! Here’s what they have had to say:

I am my best self working in Dojo4Life because we walk the talk.  (A Dojo4Life partner)

The Dojo helps me lead my company, and myself better. Because it helps me uncover which assumptions I have formed in my past, and realise how they influence my behaviours today. It is a safe space to observe and transform my internal operating system. – An SME MD.

Dojo clarifies for me the ways that I am growing, and facilitates them too, thereby bringing a sense of direction to a chaotic lifestyle. It’s deeply satisfying.

The Dojo is a big relief for me, I am now able to consciously focus my efforts on improving things that previously I’ve just spent all day ruminating on. But now I can change easily because I see the value in things I previously labelled “bad behaviours.” I see how they have been protecting me from potentially harmful situations as well as hindering me in achieving my goals.

Seeing the big picture has allowed me to work on the underlying issues / truths / beliefs. I feel like I’m thinking in a more mature way instead of just reacting impulsively. As a teacher I feel I need to spend all day Sunday making and planning so I can be an outstanding teacher during the week. However, I can feel resentful about having to sacrifice my weekend, resentful about working 60+ hour weeks. At the Dojo I have begun to understand some of my big assumptions behind this. Assumptions about what it means to be a great teacher, the employee-employer relationship, and my concept of how much free time I deserve. This deeper delving into the assumptions I have learnt and constructed; the truths I have developed over the years; allows me to zoom out, and see the bigger picture, see my own “operating System” as well as my competing commitments. In my case, it’s my strong commitment to recharging my batteries so that I can be a good teacher Mon-Fri, and enjoying my life outside work as well. — A Teacher

The Dojo helps me change some of the things I’m doing by making it easy to discover why it is that I do what I do, and find out what the assumptions behind my thoughts and actions are. It helps me find safe and sustainable ways of testing that behaviour and improving myself.

The Dojo helps me to find the deep reasons why I behave in certain ways. To find out why I feel how I feel related to different situations and people. And it also helps me to see the possible way to change what I don’t like. No longer because I see that part of me as wrong, needing to be fixed; but because I see what else I can do. At the same time it helps me open my mind and accept myself, accept that we are all different, that we all see, feel and experience things differently. So I can be OK with that without feeling I am inadequate, that I need to change myself or them. It helps me feel better about being me.

Dojo helps me deal with people from all around the world, to understand how they are, accept them and learn from them. It helps me feel more secure and be able to stand up for what I think is right and fair. It helps me see clearly that I am a person that is worth it. – An expat in London.

After one year, Dojo4Life has transformed my career. It has given me a 20 year head-start in my work focus and ability. – A professional change-agent in a career transformation.

I thought I was my own self, not affected by other peoples’ expectations. Through Dojo I have realised how most of my choices are driven, deep down, by the expectations of others. – An AIESEC University student just before entering the world of work.

Our leadership team has become far more productive, able to talk through how each of us has been unintentionally sabotaging our success, now that we have implemented Dojo as a way of working with each other. Our relationships have become both positive and productive. – CEO of an SME startup.

This middle road between self-help and professional help works for me.

Last year I attended a similar workshop; then I tried to use what I’d learnt afterwards in working with my colleagues. I failed, and realised that you needed the training and experience of a clinical psychologist to use the method at all. Dojo4Life takes the middle road. I don’t need 3 years of training to begin benefitting in my work, even though the roots of Dojo lie in the latest research. – A manager in an IT company.

All the world’s a stage,

And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts

William Shakespeare, As You Like It, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/All_the_world%27s_a_stage

Dojo4Life applies these lines from Shakespeare really well, helping me re-write the scripts I have used so far in my parts. So now I can play my parts differently, and take on new parts. – A stage actor, advanced practitioner in Dojo4Life