This weekend we hit the 150 participant mark! And the Dojo on Sunday ended with a braai (BBQ for those who’ve not been to RSA.)

150 people have experienced the foundational patterns. the foundations show just what is good and healthy about all those behaviours you’ve so far labelled as “bad.” All felt relief valuing for the first time a part of themselves that they had been trying to cut out of themselves.

And why, every time they used some self-improvement technique to correct this bad behaviour, it came back again.

It came back, because it was part of what was keeping them healthy. After all, how long would you live if you shut down your body’s immune system? So why do we expect to be able to shut down our mental and emotional immune systems?

The next step is to create a learning journey towards “growing up” even more. A transformation, not a fix. Transforming yourself to a “bigger” kind of grown-up, one where today’s stresses, challenges and obstacles are easy to deal with.

Join us on the learning journey!


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