Aikido for the heart and mind

One of the philosophical premises behind Aikido is that of harmony. The practitioner is responsible for at least preventing harm, both to the attacker and to the practitioner.

What if we were able to do that in the way that we engage with to ourselves? And in the way we engage with other people? At least prevent harm, and aspire towards harmony in our relationships with ourselves and other people.

Dojo4Life is a place to practice the art of being an effective warrior of the mind, heart and spirit. Effective in the Aikido sense. At least doing no harm, and aspiring towards creating harmony. Harmony with oneself, with others, and with the world we’re in.

In Dojo4Life you learn many different elementary patterns. These enable you to work with your thoughts, your feelings, and those of others, in ways that generate more space. In ways that go with what you already have, and redirect it towards more effective movements.

These patterns enable you to accomplish what needs to be accomplished in a way that at least does no harm to yourself nor other people. And usually creates a little more harmony.

Dojo4Life is a very good complement for anybody who has followed the excellent training “Warrior a of the Heart” developed by Toke Muller and Bob Wing as part of the Art of Hosting community of practice.

Equally I encourage anybody who has enjoyed the dojos in Dojo4Life to look for the next Warrior of the Heart training close to you!