People and Roles needed

Dojo4Life is looking for people who can fill the following roles and accountabilities. Contact Graham if you are keen to engage, in any way whatsoever. At the moment these are all volunteer roles. Your reward is accelerated self-development, making a difference, and being part of the early start-up phase. Long term you’re likely to have a share of any profits we begin making!

    • Operations and Tactical management (COO / MD)
      • Top-level,
      • UK, DE events and community.
    • Investment and fund-raising
    • Marketing
    • Community Catalysts
    • Community Relationship Weavers
    • F2F event coordinator
    • Virtual event coordinator
    • Virtual System Sculptor

Blog and web page crafting

  • German, French, Spanish seeding
  • F2F dojo content and andragogic process developer
  • Virtual content and process developer
  • Virtual technology expert